“Dave, thank you very much for being a great advisor for our team. I really appreciated knowing you were there if anything came up or I needed another perspective. You asked great and thought-provoking questions that always encouraged taking a different look at the projects and my program. I’m so glad that I got the chance to work with you and utilize your expertise. Thank you!”

Director of Volunteers at Encompass501 Commons

“Receiving executive coaching from Dave Nye was tremendously helpful to me in developing a collaborative leadership style, which was the project’s objective. After a year of coaching, my staff gave me very positive feedback on the changes that had taken place. With Dave’s help, I had built trust over time and developed a stronger team.”

Executive Director of a Seattle non-profit501 Commons

“It has been a wonderful experience for me to receive professional coaching expertise for my career growth from Dave.  I was at a stage where I was confused as to what direction to go.  Dave gave me guidance and the structure I needed to lead my career in the proper direction.  His coaching has played a vital role in shaping my new path into a more meaningful and fulfilling profession.  As the BhagavadGita (the eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India) says, “Teacher has highest status more than anyone in life.”

Vineet JalaliJuniper Networks

“Dave was integral in the deployment and transition of technologies that revolutionized the wireless industry.  He is a ‘big picture’ person who has a breadth of range of talent and capabilities.  In an environment of immense stress and challenges, it was amazing to watch Dave work with his colleagues’ to provide incredible stability and leadership.  The saying ‘Still waters run deep,’ is the perfect way to describe Dave Nye.”

Hank BlancoPresident/CEOABNS, Inc.

“Dave understands and uses his proven strengths of wisdom, integrity, social intelligence, teamwork and leadership.  Through the year that I’ve known Dave and watched his participation in this program, I have grown to count on him to bring his steady wisdom, humor and tenacity to his training, to our group, and to his clients. I am grateful to have him in my life as a fellow coach.”

Patricia Ellen BurginProfessional Certified CoachCertified Mentor Coach

“Jill is a smart, independent thinker.  She has a talent for defining and ‘operationalizing’ end-to-end processes.  You can give her a high-level problem, and Jill can determine what needs to be done, develop  a comprehensive plan, and then execute it well.  She has been valuable in helping drive many projects and can do so with little direction.  She also has been very effective in bringing stakeholders together and making them feel a part of the process.”

D.B.Sr. DirectorSoftware Industry

“I really enjoyed working with Dave as my coach.  He helped me through some hard times.  Dave really listens to you and remembers things you share in your sessions with him.  He is very in-tune with my emotions, even over the phone, and notices things like changes in mood or tone of voice whether I was excited or down.  I have wanted to write a cookbook of family recipes and kept putting it off for years.  After working with Dave, he encouraged me to follow my dreams and I am now in the process of developing my cookbook.  My family is so excited and my daughter is even helping me put it together.”

Laita RaoCoaching client

“Jill is an exemplary employee who not only accomplishes tasks and projects without prompting; she is able to see both the entire scope of the project and the actual tasks.  With this ability she is able to alert project managers to risks that exist, or will occur, if actions are not taken.  Jill thrives in a matrix management situation.  She is able to bring all the participants together for the common purpose of accomplishing the project without escalating it to management in order to get people to participate.  Her direct tasks are done thoroughly, and as with her project management, above expectations.  Jill’s written and verbal communication skills are some of the best I’ve worked with.”

Don MitchellSr. DirectorProduct Management: Emergency Services

“Jill Nye is a very skilled professional. She was part of one of the most successful launches in the wireless industries.  With a lot at stake, she focused on the critical path and was extremely effective at coaching all teams involved in the project from the top level on down.  We were able to achieve the largest increase in customers we had ever experienced.”

Frank ReedTelecom colleague

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