Colorful puzzle pieces

Mission Statement

We strive to understand your organization, your people, and your strengths to enhance existing, or develop new well-balanced, and scalable strategies that will deliver long-term results.

Our Values

Discovery We are passionate about exploring challenges and possibilities, and increasing awareness of opportunities while drawing and leveraging the best from each person or organization.

Integrity– NyeCo is committed to earning our clients’ trust by delivering exceptional value, and stewarding resources with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Collaboration– Our collaborative style allows us to partner effectively to identify challenges, focus priorities, and build strategy and solutions.

Solutions – We value the innovative application of resources at critical junctures that drive actionable strategies, meaningful change, and powerful results.

Chess pieces

“In an environment of immense stress and challenges, it was amazing to watch Dave work with his colleagues to provide incredible stability and leadership. The saying ‘Still waters run deep,’ is the perfect way to describe Dave Nye.”


Wireless Telecom Industry CEO